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At Leedeo Academy, we offer you the most complete and up-to-date technical training, in the railway sector. Boost your career!

technical programs

On-line training around the different disciplines related to RAMS Engineering and Railway Systems. The rhythm is set by the student.

tailor-made life training

Training developed with tailored content and with a face-to-face teacher "life training", now 100% on-line videoconference.  

¿Why are our training different from others on-line courses?

Our Railway Training is aimed not only at teaching the knowledge of each topic in the sector, but also at providing the valuable know-how of professionals with an impact path in the sector.

Our blended DNA sets us apart: the ability to also transfer accumulated knowledge, experiences and techniques that are not always academic.

50% knowledge | 50% know-how. Read more>>

Years of experience in the sector and long practice, reflected in the most valuable training in the railway sector: useful and relevant training that does not appear in the books.

Boost your employability. Shape your future

We provide to the professionals in the railway sector the necessary training to make a significant leap in their professional careers

Our Objectives 

  • Collaborate with leading companies in the sector, to train professionals who adapt to the real needs of the market.
  • To train professionals to be integrated into different business segments of the railway sector, being a reference, with a European spirit, for training in the Spanish language.
  • Capitalize knowledge in terms of signaling, infrastructure, electrification, RAMS engineering, regulation, communications, rolling stock and operation of railway companies, with a clear vocation for internationalization.
  • Offer up-to-date and specific studies on railway facilities, vehicles, engineering and management.

We create cutting-edge professionals, we connect the leaders of the future

Railway infrastructure manager companies

Railway service operators

Rolling stock manufacturers 

Signalling systems manufacturers

Railway projects engineering

Maintenance companies

European reference. International vocation

From Barcelona and Madrid, capitals of the railway, executive training, design and technology in Europe, we train students from all over the world in Spanish and English.

We unite cultures. We are promoters of the exchange of knowledge between countries and continents, offering opportunities for professional development and geographical mobility to professionals from all over the world.


"I decided to take the Master in Railway Signaling to diversify my profile and broaden my vision towards new opportunities. The Course fulfilled my expectations, reinforced my Curriculum and now I am a much more versatile and prepared professional"

Commercial Railway Industry  

"Yes, I recommend the on-line course on Implementing Regulation 402/2013. For our company it was a kind of nevulous and now, we have this issue "controlled" within the Department of Works and Projects" 

HR Manager Railway Industry

"The Introduction to RAMS Engineering Course has the grace that you start without knowing anything about RAMS and end the course sounding everything and having clear the bases of the RAMS Railroad. The format is comfortable and I really liked the examples."

Railway RAMS Engineer Junior

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Do you have any questions or queries that we can help you with? Do you need more information about any of our courses?

telephone: +34 935 001 214 | whatsapp: +34 688 996 160 | email: info@leedeo.es

We use Google Classroom


Our training platform is based on Google Classroom. Easy, fast and comfortable, including its applications for Smartphone and Tablet, they will allow you to access the training content from anywhere, at any time and from any device. Reed more >>

Ease and maximum flexibility: All the training material is open and available to the student from the first day and for 12 months.

Certification Exam (Optional): You will also be able to obtain the Master's Certification Diploma if you carry out and pass the exam of each of the modules. Certify that you have taught the Leedeo Academy  course.

Spain, a world benchmark in the railway sector

Spain currently has a railway network of more than 15,000 km, 2,300 of which belong to high-speed lines. In this way, Spain is positioned as an outstanding leader in High Speed, ranking 1st in Europe and 3rd worldwide, with the highest degree of ERTMS level 2 implementation in Europe.

With a sustainable growth forecast of 3% yoy, and a worldwide business volume of € 160,000 million, the railway is identified as one of the industries with the best prospects for professionals, with a real added value internationalization capacity and with a set of technological and management challenges in which rigorous training will be of vital importance.   

Develop your professional career in the railway sector. A decision that ensures personal growth, professional development and great opportunities.

Railway training brand Spain, a benchmark and prestigious worldwide.

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